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Our Zephirine Drouhin are in bloom

It only took seven years for these Bourbon beauties to finally arrive in the fall. I’m not sure it was quite worth the wait for them to become sufficiently established to do so, but they sure are pretty in October. About half the diameter of these blossoms photographed back in May, and not near as abundant. But still radiant. Ah, antique roses.





Rose petals


Roses on a rainy weekend

redrose1Not our usual Rancho antiques, but reliable Knockouts, or Radrazz beauts.


More Zephirine Drouhin


Rancho: Zephirine Drouhin


Springtime at Rancho Roly Poly. The Bourbon Zephrine Drouhin in full cry. I should apologize for the quality of the photo. I take the snaps for print quality and then try to reduce them in size to fit the tiny page here and it often doesn’t work out well, like this one.

Record freeze


This is Upper Michigan not Central Texas. There’s no snow on the ground here at all. But it feels like the picture because it sure is cold. The elephant ears in the front yard at the Rancho are turning black, like rare reader Diller’s ladyfinger banana plants. He’s a farmer in the West Central Florida panhandle where he has cows to worry about. JD Allen, down in Brazosport, likewise expects to lose his red and yellow hibiscus. I’m worried for the rose bushes in the Back Forty. Time will tell.