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Mask vs hearing aids

Still fighting the mask vs hearing aids battle. Bar made me one that works fairly well. At least it doesn’t lift my aids off my ears. But it slides down below my nose. So I’m ordering some bandannas.

UPDATE:  These are nice masks and they’re made in Austin but you can see from the way they go over the ears that they and hearing aids, which sit atop the hears, don’t mix. I’m hoping the bandannas, which aren’t on the ears at all but tie behind the head will work better.

Our masks on order

Not N95s, nor plain cloth ones. Bar ordered two Halloween masks for us, a friendly bear and a kitten. If you gotta wear a mask, and we’re supposed to now, you might as well do it in style.

UPDATE:  More seriously, Bar is crocheting a wraparound to cover folded paper towels to hold them over the nose and mouth. Only problem is they will have to be washed after each use. But we don’t go out that often.

MORE: Didn’t really work. Too confining. Be hot, too. So she’s turned to crocheted hair ties to use with a video-product I saw on Twitter. And we also have two kitty masks that cover the head with just eye openings.

Tidbit remodel guy

…is due in an hour or so. Unclear to me whether this is for an estimate or actually getting the work done. Will find out. And Bar has a job interview (via Skype or some such) in the early afternoon. Busy day ahead.

UPDATE:  Tidbit done, expensively, but I couldn’t risk stringing fairy lights across a 15-foot-tall back porch with my balance problems, rehanging a window screen in scorpion heaven (i.e. a rock shelf), hanging two large mirrors correctly and drilling straight holes for ceramic pull knobs on kitchen cabinets. All done. The fairy lights (miniature LED Xmas lights) look cool on this overcast day. Bar’s work is yet to come.

MORE:  Bar says her interview went well. Results next week.

Twin Pecan Trees

That’s what I’ve decided are the twin grandfather trees off our back porch at Neely’s Canyon. By the shape of their leaves, which are spearhead-like.

And that explains why the squirrels like to play on them, says Barbara Ellen. Ah, but I have seen them play on big oaks, too.

Too bad we can’t gather their pecans, but they are deeply rooted a good hundred feet down the steep slope of the canyon and therefore unreachable. Chiefly because it would be a bear for us two old fogies  to climb back up.

UPDATE: The trees, actually an outgrowth of one trunk at the base, are well over 100-feet high. May have been seasonal harvesting of pecans by a hundred years or more of visits by indigenous people and later, local ranchers.

Grocery wars

Bar came back from Randall’s with a sad tale of an elderly woman crying because there was no toilet paper and a young man stealing something from another young man’s cart when he wasn’t looking. Many shelves bare but store PA system, words in lieu of usual music, says restock on Monday.

Working from home

Easy for information workers, like us, who could work from the beach if we chose. Bar is set up with my old laptop on her analyst job. Getting a new one delivered soon. Our upstairs neighbor, an accountant, brought in two monitors yesterday to work from home. I am retired, so it’s just another day.

UPDATE:  Bar’s server keeps crashing and losing her work. Twice so far. Too many people on the system, apparently.

Bar’s eyes

Barbara Ellen’s been meditating to a guided mp3 by medium Suzanne Wilson. Just five minutes with her eyes closed but enough time to see eyes looking back at her: “Just eyes. Male and female, but so many.” Not threatening. Just cool.