The swans

Big, heavy Lucite swans, two of them, about three feet tall and wide, were the hardest thing to move today from BE’s daughter’s rent house. Fortunately we just sat and watched, and briefly debated with the mover, about how to get them into his truck. At one point we were going to have an hour or so to wait until they were crated. He was that worried about damaging them. But finally he and his helper carried them and we were almost done.

Took nine hours to get everything out and into stepdaughter’s new, smaller rental in a fourplex in a nicer neighborhood. She had to work. Bigwigs from corporate in town at the last minute. So we supervised and briefly debated, and finally got it done. Only one thing broken. Of sentimental value, unfortunately. Cost: a whopping $2k. How much of that was inflation and how much gas prices, we wonder. Just glad it’s over.

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