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Happy 70th Birthday Israel

A poem by Yehuda Amichai on my favorite city in all the world:

Jerusalem is low, crouching between her mountains,

Not like New York, for example.

Two thousand years ago, she crouched

In a wonderful lunge.

All other cities ran great

Circles in the arena of time, won or lost,

And died. Jerusalem remained in a lunge:

All victories are taut and concealed in her. All defeats.

Her strength grows and her breath is calm

For a race even outside the arena.

Via Jewish Review of Books

Adios Andy

Andy at My Old RV has thrown in the pixels. He’s closed his blog though it still can be found here—at least for a while. Also bailing on his alternate blog here.

Well, he is 62. And I’m just twelve years older. But then I still enjoy blogging.

Asses and elbows

Speaking of asses, something my fiance may curtail at any moment, my daily morning treadmill at the J is becoming a view of asses and elbows on the elipticals placed in front of the treadmills.

The bigger the better, I always say, and am sometimes rewarded. Makes the 45 minutes go faster for sure.

Short shorts in 38 degrees

I used to razz Mr. Boy about wearing shorts in the winter. Still do on occasion. But he’s got nothing on the two cute middle-school girls I saw climbing Hart hill the other morning in 38 degree weather. They had on very short shorts. I couldn’t enjoy the view I felt so sorry for them.

Rule 5: Monica Fabbio

An Austin realtor-ess of exceptional beauty, despite the airbrushing of her obvious attributes here. She specializes in million-plus luxury homes. No surprise.

Dream advice

Had a good dream last night that ended with a pretty young woman with lots of freckles saying something like this: “Ram Dass, he is the wisest of the wise.”

So all day I kept reminding myself to go to Amazon and look up one of his books. I finally did it and bought, appropriately enough, his 2000 tome “Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying,” Appropriate because I’m 73 and not getting any younger.

Ram Dass (birth name Richard Alpert who, along with Timothy Leary, pioneered the use of LSD for spiritual enlightenment) is now 87 years old, which makes me a baby to him, more or less. Fifteen years younger.

Yet, although I have never read his seminal book “Be Here Now,” we share a common philosophy: That we are all spiritual beings, eternal souls, living a physical existence until our physical bodies die. At which point our souls will return home. Until, perhaps, we take on another go round with the physical.

Death, in other words, is a door, not a wall. But what to do in the meantime? That’s the point of Ram Dass’s teachings in his many books. “Many of us spend our lives worrying,” he writes in Still Here, “about losing what we have. Old age offers the opportunity to shift our cares away from the physical [what he calls the “storm of youth”] toward what cannot be taken away: Our wisdom and the love we offer to those around us.”

Evolution at work

This is old. But funny. And I missed it. So I’m making up for it now.

Via Mouth of the Brazos