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Tucker’s movies

Goofing off this morning, instead of obsessing about my eye, I started searching for OCS classmate Tucker Smallwood’s various movies & TV shows, by typing “Tucker Smallwood” in the search box (raised by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen) on Apple TV and Prime Video.

Quite a few, actually, going back to possibly the most famous movie, for its box office success,1997’s “Contact.” Only found one on Netflix, 2017’s “Girlfriend’s Day,” an oddly-named thriller that isn’t very thrilling, but still pretty good. But Netflix is failing anyway.

My old classmate is a journeyman actor who has made a living at it for more than fifty years: in small parts often playing authority figures, which figures, his being a Follow Me type of guy. After all, in the cast credits for most of the flicks, he’s the only one with a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

UPDATE: He hated my assessment. No attempted good deed ever goes unpunished.