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Rain at last

We finally broke the weeks of 100-degree days, and today we got a thunderboomer and steady rain. Cracks of thunder, like artillery outgoing, startling! The rain keeps on coming. KXAN’s radar app shows we’re getting lots of solid green and an occasional red. This is how Texas droughts end. Sweet.

Windows and bugs

Yesterday we had a young window washer from Gwyndows come do the outside and (mostly) inside of the mini-rancho’s windows for a reasonable price. He missed a few spots on some windows, but for the most part, he did a splendid job and we are grateful.

Today, this afternoon, Bugmaster is coming to do the whole place, mostly the baseboards, because we’ve seen a few, little spiders and millipedes. And we don’t like ’em. We figure the scorpions are staying out because they’re desert creatures and it’s in the triple digits. But come the fall and temperatures dropping, they will come inside to get warm, or maybe have a warm place to hibernate. Plus they love spiders. So we need to deny them a food supply by getting rid of bugs! So they’ll go somewhere else.

Vinegar vs bleach

With AC’s running full tilt this August in Central Texas, there’s the vinegar vs bleach debate for keeping AC condensation drainage lines open. The HVAC guys who installed our Lennox said to use a cup of bleach every month. Guys in Neely’s Canyon say on our email forum they prefer vinegar. Bleach is said to wear down PVC tubing faster.

I already used bleach for this month. So, preferring not to add acid to a base (and get a very mini but potentially unpleasant Beirut effect), I’ll wait until bleach time next month to switch to vinegar.

New, speedy pc

An Inspiron 3471 by Dell. Moves licketysplit whatever is going on. I love it!

Big rain yesterday

It poured off and on for an hour or two, drenching some places around town with 1-3 inches, but not adding any water to our cabinet problem, making me wonder if maybe the neighbor’s craftsmen didn’t cause it, after all, by screwing up somehow.

Had visiting Mr. Boy get down and check out all the cabinet interiors for water but found none. His 20-year-old bod perfectly suited for such contortions which mine, at 76, can no longer venture without bone and muscle punishment.

Checker’s help

Several downpours overnight has us worrying if the water will get into the kitchen cabinets again. Apparently not. Left the doors open to air them out. Then Checkers the cat got into the biggest one, all the way in the back, and sat there looking self-satisfied until I said it was okay and then he left. No wet paw prints evident.

Buying a tv

A smart one, no less, after nine months without one of any kind. Smallish, to cover the fireplace which Bar and I agree is unlikely to be used for fires from worrying about Checkers the cat getting into the dying embers.

Should have access to YouTube and etc. Already paying for Spectrum cable (packaged with Internet which we do use), but found we were satisfied with watching stuff on our phones. Until…

Came down to Bar’s missing the History channel and Animal Planet. Besides, it’s time to do our part for revival of the consumer economy since we can afford it and many can’t. Stay tuned.