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The missing bird feeder

Noticed it this morning. It was up too high to be hand-stolen by anyone but a seven-footer. So probably a squirrel. They are plenty aggressive little buggers at Neely’s Canyon. How they got over the greased pole, though, to boost the feeder’s hanging wire off the pole’s hook, I do not understand. Cannot see the feeder on the ground, either. Think it would take two cooperating to carry it away. That’s frightening organization.

Looking now at a squirrel-proof, motorized bird feeder that spins and whips the offender off the perch. Appropriately called “The Yankee Flipper.” It also doubles the hanging wire into a small circle over the hook which would seem to make it harder to get off. Alas, it’s $150. Marked down. It was $170. I can’t imagine paying so much, even to get revenge on the squirrels.