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Three baby cardinals

Bar this morning spotted Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal shepherding three baby cardinals through the branches of nearby trees and briefly onto the tiles of the back porch. Checkers the cat, from the back of the sofa, was wishing they’d all go to hell, Bar surmised.

The leak in the wall

Lower kitchen cabinets have mildew growing on back wall shared with another apartment. And the remains of some standing water. We had a big storm the other night, so…

Got a plumber coming this afternoon to determine the source of the leak. Also Bugmaster returning tomorrow after we killed a black widow in the pantry closet.

Never a dull moment at the mini-Rancho. I thought we were done with fix-up, but no…

UPDATE: The plumber thinks it’s coming from next door and will try to contact them for a look-see. Meanwhile I summoned the property manager and will call my insurance company when the PM decides what to do.

MORE: PM’s plumber inspected and ruled out next door and seems to be turning to the idea of an exterior wall leak. Saw him take photos of the rock wall outside. Said any fix will have to go through the homeowner’s board. With more rain forecast this weekend. Time to call insurance?

Kitchen finished at last

The dishwasher is re-stabilized after loosening during counter-top changes from tile to formica, and the fridge is likewise, finally. Happy Day!

Food bank donations

Sending two bags of groceries with a Neely’s Canyon neighbor to the Central Texas food bank tomorrow morning. He, a member of the HOA’s board, has asked every resident to do similarly, from a list of popular items such as pinto beans, rice, powdered milk, peanut butter, canned fruit and vegetables and tuna, whole wheat cereal etc.

Chasing Lowe’s

Got Lowe’s to bring in an independent fixer to stabilize the dishwasher next Monday but I’m still chasing their delivery department to come stabilize the refrigerator, which they didn’t do on delivery. Supposedly another employee turned in my complaint to delivery but so far there’s been no response.

Of plumbers and electricians

Had to issue fliers to all residents of our building about plumbers cutting off the water between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. tomorrow to replace a faucet that feeds the new fridge’s ice-maker. Ice just tastes bad with the existing, old and corroded faucet.

Now need to get an electrician in to replace some light bulbs with LEDs, and four ceiling fan blades that are just too high for us fogies to balance on a step-ladder, when our balance is fairly screwed up. Especially mine at age 76.

Waiting for the fridge

Not exactly “praying for sheetrock” but it’ll be fun having a new fridge, though it’s much like the old one except it’s white instead of black. Why would anyone want a black refrigerator? Due tomorrow from Lowe’s.

UPDATE:  I realize, because I think of them every day, that many people cannot even buy food, much less a new refrigerator. In my defense, I ordered the new fridge back in February when most of them were still employed. It took so long to get it because I ordered a white one.

MORE: Got it, but we have a water valve problem to the ice-maker. Need a plumber to switch it out. And stabilize the whole thing which is rocky. Lowe’s guys said they weren’t allowed to do that or touch the insides because of the WuFlu.