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Power outage

For 12 hours overnight from yesterday afternoon. Back on this morning. Ice accumulation on the power lines, apparently, or nearby trees falling on them. Indeed, all night we heard trees falling in the canyon from ice accumulation. Waiting for full daylight to see the carnage.

Power’s been out, will be again

Power’s been out at the rancho since noon. Just came back on about 6:30 p.m. Charging iPhone and Fire tablets and quick checking the weather radar which still shows lots of yellow rain bands swirling overhead. Training, the weather liars call it.

Had about three inches of rain since midnight. Plus the wind is gusting to 20 mph or so now. So I expect we’ll lose power again soon. Doesn’t take much wind speed to knock the power lines down in our neighborhood.

Nevermind Harvey. This is the third time this year, second time this month. You’d think the city would want to fix it. You’d be wrong. My theory: There’s not enough minorities live over here to make it worth their while politically.

UPDATE: Nothing posted by JD since Friday so he may have cleared out. Andy’s hanging in, but he’s well west of most of the action. He’s sure right about the state planning ahead. No repeats of Katrina here yet or likely to be either. Hell, we bailed out New Orleans and Houston took hundreds of refugees.

MORE:  Power lost again late Sunday night for a couple of hours.

It was a dark and stormy night

Happy to awaken this morning to find the electricity back on. It was knocked out last night about 10:30 as big storms swept through with winds up to 60 mph. and a dramatic show of lightning, most of it east of us in Bastrop County.

Also reports of funnel clouds in the air and at least one touching the ground to become a tornado west of us in Burnet County. Some debris shown in this rather shakey quadcopter drone video from a few damaged houses but no one was killed.

We didn’t get a lot of rain, unfortunately. Most of it seemed to be falling south of the rancho. But we also didn’t get a lot of tree damage as some places did. Just enough to knock out the power, leaving us to move about the house with flashlights until we got tired of it and went to bed.

Testing, testing

This on-purpose power outage in California is ominous. Mainly for how easy it was to create. We had an outage last night at the rancho. No idea why. Just another reminder of how fragile the infrastructure really is.