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Mediacrats and Brandon

“The Trump interregnum between eight years of Obama and four (?) years of Brandon gave us full employment, a strong economy, plentiful oil and gas, low inflation, a sturdy stock- and real-estate market, and a stable society that was not always at each other’s throats.

“That’s all gone now, replaced by soaring crime rates, domestic totalitarianism, international instability, and a continuing, manufactured and media-whipped hysteria over the ‘pandemic’ as we enter the ‘dark winter’ that candidate Biden promised and is steadily delivering on[.]”

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Supply chain fix another Dim creation

California’s war on independent (i.e. non-union) truckers created the supply-chain fix of unloaded ships offshore.

“California Democrats and their environmentalist special interests had set out to crush the state’s ports and [independent] trucking industry. Had everything gone as planned, this would have been a slow and gradual process. Costs would have crept up and deliveries would have fallen off without an immediate catastrophic impact. But then the pandemic and its consequences arrived.”

Dims are famous for their fuck-ups.

Via Sultan Knish

Awaiting Wheat’s stone

This is the month the Oklahoma tombstone makers forecast they’d have OCS chum Russell Wheat’s marker up in Higgins, Texas. That was back in May when they had a granite shortage thanks to the Wuhan Virus and various lockdowns. Sure hope they don’t have to extend it to a later month.

Seems increasingly obvious that the virus should be called the Wuhan Virus and not some obscuring name like Covid 19 or the Coronavirus (which you presumably can get if you drink Corona beer).

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F*** Joe Biden!

When large sports crowds chant an obscenity to the president, you know the magisterial bloom is off the White House rose.

“Today, the economy is in chaos, supply chains have been disrupted, inflation is soaring, race relations are poisonous, crime including murder is way up, the energy business is assaulted on all fronts even as the industrialized nations face the prospect of a winter without reliable power….

“And yet the befuddled Biden’s principal concern is forcing a thoroughly anti-American, unconstitutional series of vaccination ‘mandates’ on the American work force that has—thankfully—finally brought the country to its boiling point.

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

Irish democracy at its finest.

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Unvaxxed die

Lee, one of my OCS chums, has lost his daughter to the Wuhan virus, just a little over a month after her husband died of it. Neither were vaccinated. Both had co-morbidities. They leave two young daughters. Our hearts are broken.

Super Spreader?

Mr. Boy was home for the weekend to attend the Austin City Limits music festival at Zilker Park. He estimated that 100,000 others were there with him, shoulder to shoulder, some masked many not. He’s been vaxed with the Pfizer twice, so he wasn’t worried, but whether he should have been remains to be seen.

Pandemic on us?

On our government, anyway, as Dr. Doom (Fauci) is found out to have lied to Congress about our funding of the Chinese lab that made Covid 19—after the Afghanistan cut-and-run I’d believe anything bad about the feds.