F*** Joe Biden!

When large sports crowds chant an obscenity to the president, you know the magisterial bloom is off the White House rose.

“Today, the economy is in chaos, supply chains have been disrupted, inflation is soaring, race relations are poisonous, crime including murder is way up, the energy business is assaulted on all fronts even as the industrialized nations face the prospect of a winter without reliable power….

“And yet the befuddled Biden’s principal concern is forcing a thoroughly anti-American, unconstitutional series of vaccination ‘mandates’ on the American work force that has—thankfully—finally brought the country to its boiling point.

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

Irish democracy at its finest.

Via Instapundit

2 responses to “F*** Joe Biden!

  1. As much as I wish those chants reflected the sentiment of the general population, I don’t think they do. The majority of people I know still adore him and the ones that don’t say “at least he isn’t Trump.” I don’t get it. At some point you would think reality would sink in. But it doesn’t. It’s either mass psychosis or mass stupidity. Either way I don’t think this country will be livable very much longer – especially after it becomes a Chinese colony in another year or two.

  2. Wait’ll inflation and illegal immigration cut into their living standard. They might change their tune.