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The Sneed mansion

The Sneed mansion in somewhat better days, i.e. 1936. Today it’s just a South Austin ruin surrounded by development. Even Wikipedia gets its history wrong, neglecting to mention that ol’ Sebron sr. was a Confederate provost marshal whose home was the rallying point for captured deserters and other evaders of the draft, and that the attic was used as a ballroom for parties and dances. Some of Sebron’s 21 slaves are nearby in a neglected cemetery that should be some sort of SJW monument to them and their plight but isn’t.

Lloyd Doggett gets the word(s)

"Just Say No," the Tea Party crowd chanted at him in South Austin yesterday. He’s a lot more used to chants of "No Justice, No Peace," which is his preferred kind of crowd. But he seemed to be a good sport about it. Not running away, not hiding in his car. I don’t agree with his politics–it’ll take a lot more than chanting to get him to vote against Obamacare, for instance–but I have to admit Lloyd’s a reasonably nice fellow.

UPDATE: Power Line’s headline "Blue Doggett Democrat" seems to be meant to be cute. Lloyd is super liberal, and no Blue Dog of any kind.