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Musk: Own physical things

Billionaire Elon Musk has advice for his millions of Twitter followers in a time of high inflation and gas prices: “Musk advised his 77.8 million Twitter followers to own ‘physical things like a home or stock in companies you think make good products’ rather than dollars when inflation is high.” 

Texas alone could do it

Lower gas prices across the country, that is, sez our Gov. Abbott: “Texas can produce enough oil & natural gas to lower gas prices across the country if [the Biden] Administration would get out of the way.”

Drill, baby, drill

Because, otherwise, we’re funding Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and elsewhere. Biden has to piss off his green base to restore our energy independence and lower the price of oil which will lower Putin’s profits. And, not incidentally, inflation. Can Lyin’ Biden do it? Could but may not have the guts. Certainly not before the mid-terms.

Mexifornia gasoline

Is now at an average cost of $4.70 a gallon, compared to the national average of $3.49. I predict that Cali(Mexi)fornia will be our bellweather and hit $10 a gallon before the rest of us have to pay that much. Probably by May.

UPDATE: “…$6.99 a gallon gasoline at a filling station on a major highway…” via Power Line

Lyin’ Biden’s energy hikes

“A gallon of gasoline costs $1.29 more today than it did this time last year. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that this winter Americans will be paying 30% more for natural gas, 43% more for heating oil, 6% more for electricity, and 54% more for propane to heat their homes than they did last winter – and even more if the weather is colder than normal. Higher energy costs have a disproportionate impact on vulnerable populations, including minority and low- and fixed-income households. These costs are essentially a regressive tax on the poor.”

What happens when you cut back supply by closing pipelines and federal lands to drilling.

Via Real Clear Energy


Here’s my offer: $10 a gallon gas by spring, certainly by summer. The idea is to drive us all to public transportation (buses, light rail, bicycles, etc.) Or electric cars. Unless the Saudis bail us out, but even then the price won’t go down by much.

Most people can’t afford electric cars, nor the replacement of the battery after it craters. Just daily recharging is expensive and takes hours. I am luckily retired. Those that must get to work every day are going to take it in the shorts. 

$120,000 is average pay for feds

More than, actually.

“In fact, pay for individual federal workers has kept growing each year thanks to both cost-of living raises and “step” increases. The federal pay escalator kept on running right through the recession. Meanwhile, federal workers enjoy job security [civilians] can only dream of.”

Notice none of them lost their jobs over the Wuhan Virus.

Via Instapundit