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Dead Israelis on Twitter

At the Hamas account. Victims of this celebrated terrorist. Disgraceful, Twitter, simply disgraceful. While you ban conservatives for simply criticizing Muslims.

The war next time

Should be a doozy, if classics professor Victor Davis Hanson is right.

He says history, the teaching of which began with the ancient Greeks and Romans, used to be about war. Because war was so prevalent in human history. And the idea was to try to figure out why war occurred so often and try to stop or at least slow down its reoccurrance.

Nowadays, he says, there are “four recognized military history programs [in academia] where you can get a major and there are 230, at last count, peace studies programs.” Yet studying peace has never stopped war.

Only armed deterrence, alliances and balance of power has a chance to stop it and keep the peace, he says. Or when it starts, to defeat the enemy as soon as possible. “These are the essentials of Western military history and they’ve absolutely disappeared from the modern curriculum.”

Israel’s “outsized response”

Andrew Gillum, the black progressive (i.e. socialist) Dim running for governor of Florida, has attacked Israel’s actions versus Hamas. As if he’s running for… Whaaa?

“…Gillum defined those purported ‘actions’ as including alleged Israeli ‘outsized response’ against Palestinian [rocket launched] threats while claiming alleged Israeli disproportionate ‘firepower’ and ‘pushback’ are primary causes of regional instability.”

Whoa. Looks like Gillum’s shaky on Hamas. Wonder how that will play in Jewish Florida? We here at the Scribbler have long favored Israel’s disproportionate response, as the best way to beat back her enemies.

War ain’t a game, Gillum.

Via Breitbart

Fauda end of season 2

A wild ending indeed but I’m coming around to the idea that the Jewish characters in this show are simply modern versions of the schlemiel (unlucky bungler) and schlimazal (very unlucky bungler) of Yiddish theater.

They are mostly fuckups whose violent schemes tend to fall apart half way through and they are lucky to escape with their lives. And sometimes don’t. Still, the unluckiness also afflicts their Palestinian counterparts, who likewise have plans that oft go awry.

So the see-how-much-alike-we-are subtext still works and still attracts.

Fauda, Season 2

Fauda the second time around is better than ever. Through episode six anyhow. Now blending the IDF elite force against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and ISIS. With sometimes help from the PA which doesn’t want the competition. Nor, at times, does Hamas. So they fight each other.

“What distinguishes the series from a run of the mill tale of Good & Evil, is its ambivalence and its ever-changing perspective as the narrative switches back and forth between Israelis and Palestinians. That is its claim to originality and excellence…

“To begin, the protagonists look, walk, dress and speak the same, with Palestinians and Israeli switching smoothly from Hebrew to Arabic, and vice versa…It doesn’t require a subtle mind to get the subtext: Look how alike we are.”

Indeed, it’s easy, at times, to forget who the bad guys are. Well, for one on the outside looking in. One knows it’s not so simple on the inside.

Via Tablet Magazine

Why Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional

You can find out some wonderful things at the Volokh Conspiracy. For instance I always thought that foreign terrorists didn’t deserve due process or any other provision of the Constitution because they weren’t, you know, citizens. That the pols clamoring for same were merely obstructionists.

Turns out I was wrong. “The Founding generation routinely applied the Bill of Rights as a constraint on U.S. government actions abroad, including those directed at non-citizens. For example, it was taken for granted that suspected pirates captured at sea, whether U.S. citizens or not, were entitled to the ‘due process of law’ guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment.”

Which makes Trump’s travel ban on certain Muslim countries unconstitutional. Even though Bronco Bama got away with it.

Via Volokh Conspiracy

Whitewashing the fake news

“Allahu akbar” means “Allah is greater” — not “God is greatest.”

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