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More triple digits

It’s almost enough to make you believe in global warming. Hottest June on record and one of the hottest 4th of July forecast, at 101 degrees with more triple digits to come next week and ahead. Almost. The June record would be more impressive if the record wasn’t so short—only about 170 years. As for the 4th and subsequent triple digits, well, that’s what we normally get starting in July. Probably won’t be much cooling before September. As usual.

Cool spell

It was supposed to be in the triple digits today through the middle of next week. Fortunately, we’ve been spared. It’s now expected to only get to 97 degrees this afternoon and repeat that on Sunday. Be cooling down even further by Wednesday to a mere 92. Why, yes, I believe we can get through this summer yet.

Power outage

It wasn’t a brownout for the rancho, just a cutout this afternoon that came back on in less than a minute. Took an hour more time for some people, maybe. Crashed the main computer, of course, in the midst of Mr. B. playing, as he said, "an important duel" in Wizard 101. So he was upset to tears.

This Austin Energy release is from July 18, so it doesn’t speak to what happened today. It doesn’t even say why the "small piece of equipment" at a nearby electrical substation caught on fire to cause 17,000 customers to lose power. But it’s not surprising, given the heat wave (now 23 days above a hundred degrees for July) and the whole town running a/c to the max, not to mention more of everything else electrical because it’s not very inviting to go outside. I suppose the brownouts will be here soon enough.

UPDATE:  Mrs Charm says it seems to have half-busted the microwave. Again. Still cooks, but the fan doesn’t come on anymore. Durn thing is only little more than a year old. Fortunately we know better than to try and get it repaired.

We’re havin’ a heat wave


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