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Harvey’s rainfall potential

Looks like just 1 to 4 inches of rain for the Austin area, which is good. No likely flooding for us. According to KVUE: “The most significant tropical storm locally in recent memory affected Central Texas in 2010. Tropical Storm Hermine brought 14-16″ of rain in Williamson County and 7″ at Camp Mabry [in central Austin]. Three people died at low-water crossings.” JD, down at the Mouth of the Brazos, could be in for a lot more.

UPDATE: Forecast for us Thursday morn (the 24th) has upped the rain totals considerably. Depends how fast Harvey moves and how far west. JD’s expecting to lose a pecan tree and, as usual, the power lines. We lose our power lines to a stiff breeze.

Cindy, oh Cindy

Please, darlin’, come just a little farther west. We could use the rain.

UPDATE:  No luck. Not only no rain but a forecast high of 103 degrees on the 23rd. Yipes.

Like the snow?

The flying flurries on this here blog, I mean, a little something WordPress offers every winter season. And the closest Central Texas is likely to get to real snow anytime soon. Although it sure as hell has been cold the last few days.

We can thank the local Woolly Bear caterpillar, according to KXAN, which is predicting a cold winter. Fortunately things should be warming up over Xmas and into next week, at least for a while—good thing for Mr. Boy as he is off to Scout camp for a week in nearby Bastrop on the 26th.


One more reason not to live in Houston


Glorious March rain

Soaking, not flooding, at least not at the rancho. Via Bob Rose at LCRA:

“Additional waves of rain showers and thunderstorms will likely continue moving from south to north across the region tonight, Thursday and Friday.  Our weather pattern is being influenced by a strong trough of low pressure centered over northern Mexico.  Waves of low pressure circulating around the large low are flowing north into Texas, producing periods of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms.”

Only problem is the pool is filling to the brim. Gonna have to empty some of it tomorrow morning or afternoon. Once a pool fool, always… The bluebonnets, which are already appearing on area highways, are going to be glorious this year.

Like the snow on the blog?

It’s likely to be the only snowflakes we see around the Rancho. We’re dreaming of a green warm Christmas, just like the ones we used to know, before winter started starting in November. Not this year. Mid- to high 70s for the 25th it looks like now.

Fine with me. I miss warm Texas holidays. Be good to return to them, at least this year. Even if we have to listen to the usual babble about global warming climate change. People have such short memories. Not that the pols help.

Damn cedar fever

Mr. B set a recent, personal record for sneezing Friday—15 times in two minutes. His eyes were watering and the roof of his mouth itched. Oh, lord, that’s cedar fever most likely. Never bothered him before.

Then this morning I see KVUE weather reporting their daily rooftop air sample on Friday captured the first cedar (actually juniper) pollen of the season. Bit early for the annual Texas curse, but there it is.

Now we’ll have to hope and pray that El Nino delivers the forecast wet winter to help take the pollen out of the air. Otherwise he and I both will be struggling with the stuff before Xmas as well as after when it’s more generally a problem.