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Fly By Wire

William Langewiesche anthropomorphizes airplanes.

In this book, it’s the Airbus A330 that landed on the Hudson River ten years ago. Having disgorged its passengers and crew safely, it was just “driftng nose high like a beast in the water, and refusing to die.”

Good story-telling, and good tech and flying skill, by the son of Wolfgang, author of Stick and Rudder, a classic book on the art of piloting.

Pulling an Airbus’s plug

Bad things can happen when the Airbus’s electrical systems go out:

"Simply, the Airbus 330 is one of the few commercial aircraft that is completely fly-by-wire [i.e., fully automated by computer]. The Airbus 320, of Hudson River fame, has mechanical backups, but the Airbus 330 and 340 don’t."

So when their computers quit, what’s left? Exactly nothing. Not much. Except, uh, prayer.