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Climate warriors at play


Wormtongue is doing his part, planning another end-run around Congress to sign a UN treaty on Global Warming (TM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Via Sean Linnane.

UPDATE:  Hurry, Al. You’re falling behind.

With Al it’s always about the money

Al Bore, that is, the phony Green whose Tennessee mansion has more rooms than some hotels. Which makes the Global Warming blowhard’s carbon footprint bigger than Godzilla’s loafers. Who also really looks goofy in a Sheikh of Araby get-up, considering Halloween is still months away.

“Al Gore is a fake environmentalist who leveraged his Green cred to get special access that enabled him to set up a liberal news network that he then sold off to Qatar’s Al Jazeera, a tyrant’s propaganda outlet that pretends to be a news network.”

Qatar. You know, the financiers of Hamas, the terrorists who run Gaza?

Well, Qatar might like Hamas but they’re not so fond of Al. They allegedly stiffed him for millions when Al Jiz bought his liberal network. So Al is suing.

As Daniel Greenfield asks: What happens when one fraud sues another fraud for fraud?