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Our taxes at work: From Qatar to Hamas

Wonder why the IDF is concentrating on hitting Hamas command and control centers, most of which are located under schools, hospitals and mosques?

Qatar, the oil-rich sheikdom to whom the White House recently gave $11-$14 billion in American arms, has provided Hamas with sophisticated computer-controlled equipment. Sensors embedded in the attack tunnels to remotely monitor incursions and set off booby-traps. And remote-firing systems for their rockets. All done from those command and control centers tucked into a Palestinian kindergarten or UN medical clinic.

We sure know how to pick ’em when it comes to foreign aid, eh? That $47 million check Wormtongue recently gave Hamas was just icing on the Qatari cake. Sure, Qatar may been of some help in getting Hamas to the negotiating table, little as that was worth. But billions in arms as a reward? Arms that will only wind up in terrorist hands?

Do we have a genius in the White House? Or what? How about his co-genius in the House of Representatives?

Via Times of IsraelAllen B. West, and Arutz Sheva.

Runaway Watch: Herman Cain and Allen West

Well, Colonel West, for sure. Cain, however, seems to be scurrying back to the quarters ahead of the patrols by joining in the WaPo’s manufactured racial-insensitivity scandal against Rick Perry.

Much as I liked Cain, his behavior here is despicable. Could it be Mr. Pizza actually is, in fact, just another Democrat water boy in disguise?