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Just in time for Pesach

“A hoard of rare bronze Jewish Revolt coins has been discovered at the recently renewed Ophel excavations. The trove of dozens of bronze coins minted during the last years of the ill-fated four-year rebellion of the Jews against Roman rule was uncovered in a cave just south of the Temple Mount…”

Giving the lie—in case one was needed for anyone but the terminally ignorant—to claims by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians that Jews have no history in the land.

Via Times of Israel

Hamas rockets resume

The third time was the charm for the Israeli Air Force Friday. Its stretch F-16s carried out air strikes on a Hamas training camp in the southern Gaza strip. The third time was the third rocket fired since the end of last summer’s campaign, this one into Eshkol.

The rocket followed a large anti-Israel Hamas demo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem calling for a resumption of the rocket barrage. And a Hamas delegation’s visit to Iran, one of the terror group’s principal backers, along with Qatar and Turkey. Keep it up schmucks and you’ll get another campaign that could be more devastating than the previous one.

Via Times of Israel & The Jerusalem Post

UPDATE:  The strikes included a cement factory for building more tunnels, Bibi says.

Qatar, now Turkey, backing terrorism

It should have been obvious when Lurch quixotically tried to halt Israel’s retaliation against the premeditated Hamas murders of three Israeli teenagers and subsequent rocket barrages by trying to enlist Qatar and Turkey in the effort.

But just in case anyone missed the point (Barry, we’re talking about your $11 billions arms deal with Qatar) Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has underscored it for them.

“Ya’alon, speaking at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, expressed outrage that the international community would allow nations to back terrorism while remaining full members of respected international organizations such as the UN and, in Turkey’s case, NATO….‘The command center of Hamas’s overseas operations sits in Istanbul,’ Ya’alon said.”

I’d only quibble that the UN, aka the Dictator’s Club, is hardly respectable to any but the uninformed.

Via Times of Israel.

UPDATE:  Turkey makes it official, in case anyone had any doubts about whose side they were on. Via Mouth of The Brazos.

Our taxes at work: From Qatar to Hamas

Wonder why the IDF is concentrating on hitting Hamas command and control centers, most of which are located under schools, hospitals and mosques?

Qatar, the oil-rich sheikdom to whom the White House recently gave $11-$14 billion in American arms, has provided Hamas with sophisticated computer-controlled equipment. Sensors embedded in the attack tunnels to remotely monitor incursions and set off booby-traps. And remote-firing systems for their rockets. All done from those command and control centers tucked into a Palestinian kindergarten or UN medical clinic.

We sure know how to pick ’em when it comes to foreign aid, eh? That $47 million check Wormtongue recently gave Hamas was just icing on the Qatari cake. Sure, Qatar may been of some help in getting Hamas to the negotiating table, little as that was worth. But billions in arms as a reward? Arms that will only wind up in terrorist hands?

Do we have a genius in the White House? Or what? How about his co-genius in the House of Representatives?

Via Times of IsraelAllen B. West, and Arutz Sheva.

Our shameful president, the fundraiser-in-chief

It’s disgusting, watching Wormtongue toss off a few platitudes in Israel’s direction, then go off to fundraise for his retirement. (He says it’s for the Democrat party, but he’s a notorious liar.) Then he threatens Israel’s economy by canceling airline flights.

The Israelis, now hosting Lurch, Wormtongue’s idiot secretary of state and his cease-fire blather, are more than irritated. Especially with so many young soldiers fighting and dying for their country.

“It’s a sad day, too, when the best that the administration can manage is to tell us we have ‘the right to self-defense,’ rather than leading a global diplomatic offensive that champions Israel’s obligation to protect itself, and that musters any and every means to help its sole dependable Middle Eastern ally in that mission.”

I can’t imagine Barack Hussein doing anything like that for any country but a Muslim one. He lies to everyone else, including us. That’s part of the reason many of us (at least the 67 percent by one poll who support Israel) are deeply ashamed of him. Our first black president is a disaster.

UPDATE:  “…the U.S. has proved itself a faithless ally – or, at best, a worthless one, easily spooked and unprepared to back Israel up in enforcing the rule of law against lawless terrorism.”

The Palestinian Pass

Call it the Palestinian Pass: the lack of accountability and low expectations expected of Palestinians—the behavior easily ignored or quickly forgiven—when compared with the high standards of moral perfection demanded of Israelis.”

Divesting Presbyterians, we’re talking about you. Not that you’re anti-Semites, oh no. You just have on blinders when it comes to Ramallah and Gaza.

Consciously or unconsciously, you employ the Palestinian Pass.

Via Times of Israel.

Holocaust Memorial Day


If these Israeli F-15 Strike Eagles in formation over the Nazis Auschwitz death camp aren’t memorial enough for you (they are for me) there’s the many more than a thousand words of today’s Times of Israel.

Via Simply Jews.