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AMAC president: Vote Romney

I was torn, once upon a time, about whether I should be become a member of AARP. One of my nieces is married to a young lefty who works for them, so I wondered. Then I began to read of their involvement with Barry, especially being in cahoots with him on Obamacare. So I forgot about it.

Now comes a new and so far smaller rival, AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens (nice title, that), whose conservative approach is much more to my liking. Especially now that I see their founder and president Dan Weber, saying he, for one, will vote for Romney/Ryan, both to save Medicare and protect Social Security from the Democrats’ rising tide of European-style entitlements.

After all, as Weber says, neither program was intended to be an entitlement, though today the Democrat news media lumps them in with welfare and the Democrats are enhancing the image by enrolling millions of young people in a Social Security disability program. One of Mrs. C.’s young nieces is married to a fellow who is on that particular dole.

Medicare, originally, was “a health insurance policy for which eligible older Americans have paid real premiums all the working days of their lives,” Weber says. Indeed.

And Social Security, likewise, “is a type of self-funded retirement program in which we have invested our own money, deducted every payday from our salaries and wages.” Exactly.

“I, for one,” Weber continues, “will opt for reform over Obamacare.  Its official name is the Affordable Care Act, but it is not affordable and it was crafted in secret to diminish the value [of] our paid up Medicare policies to pay for free-for-all entitlements.

“I also choose sensible changes to the way our children and grandchildren pay for and receive Social Security.  Specifically, in this day and age when people are living longer and working longer, it is not an onerous modification to up the age of eligibility; nor is it a radical notion to allow those who pay into the Social Security fund to opt for an independent Social Security IRA that lets citizens set up their own supplementary retirement accounts.”

Makes sense to me and, so, I have joined AMAC and, because AARP is larger (so far) will have to hope for the best from American seniors who (unlike the feckless young who voted for Barry in ’08, and now have only unemployment to show for it) are guaranteed to vote on election day.

UPDATE:  Hey, AARP, you own Obamacare. Obama himself said you backed it. In fact, “According to a 2011 House Ways and Means Committee report, AARP stands to make between $55 million and $166 million from Obamacare in 2014 alone.” Through its sales of Medigap insurance. Heh.