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Our shameful president, the fundraiser-in-chief

It’s disgusting, watching Wormtongue toss off a few platitudes in Israel’s direction, then go off to fundraise for his retirement. (He says it’s for the Democrat party, but he’s a notorious liar.) Then he threatens Israel’s economy by canceling airline flights.

The Israelis, now hosting Lurch, Wormtongue’s idiot secretary of state and his cease-fire blather, are more than irritated. Especially with so many young soldiers fighting and dying for their country.

“It’s a sad day, too, when the best that the administration can manage is to tell us we have ‘the right to self-defense,’ rather than leading a global diplomatic offensive that champions Israel’s obligation to protect itself, and that musters any and every means to help its sole dependable Middle Eastern ally in that mission.”

I can’t imagine Barack Hussein doing anything like that for any country but a Muslim one. He lies to everyone else, including us. That’s part of the reason many of us (at least the 67 percent by one poll who support Israel) are deeply ashamed of him. Our first black president is a disaster.

UPDATE:  “…the U.S. has proved itself a faithless ally – or, at best, a worthless one, easily spooked and unprepared to back Israel up in enforcing the rule of law against lawless terrorism.”