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Some people ask for the moon

Bill Roggio, embed blogger/journalist in Iraq, for instance: Fair play? From the NYTimes? You’ve got to be kidding.

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More on the offensive

Big Army offensives, as Robert Kaplan more or less said in his enlightening GWOT book "Imperial Grunts," are the antithesis of good counterinsurgency. So you have to wonder what’s up with "The Battle of Iraq – 2007", as Bill Roggio headlines his command-level updating post on it. Search and destroy was a big waste of time and lives in Vietnam. This one is billed as cleaning out "safe havens."

Iran, again

The 26 Americans killed in five helicopter shootdowns in Iraq since Jan. 20 were the latest casualties in our unheralded war with Iran inside Iraq, according to Bill Roggio’s intelligence sources. The action the Democrats in Congress seem determined to keep from becoming obvious with a strike against Iran itself. But it’s another underscoring of the fact that until we take the fight to Tehran and Damascus, no amount of Baghdad neighborhood scouring is going to work for long.

Sectarian cooperation

In the debates over Iraq, we often hear the canard that Sunni and Shia Muslims are irrevocable enemies who would never cooperate with each other. Yet the evidence that they have and still do is pretty solid, as Iraq freelance embed Bill Roggio says in his latest dispatch on fighting near Najaf which, once again, combined the Sunni Al Queda with the Shia militia:

"Cooperation between Shia and Sunni insurgent groups is not a new development in Iraq, as Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army and al_Qaeda cooperated during the Fallujah/Najaf uprisings in the spring and summer of 2004. Shia Iran has been supplying the Sunni insurgency, al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sunnah with weapons and bomb making materials, and is currently sheltering senior al-Qaeda leaders within its borders."

UPDATE  The defeated militia in question apparently is linked to Mookie, the black-turbaned little thug that Bush has allowed to live lo these many years, and their aim was to kill the moderate Shia Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. 

More on Karbala

Omar at Iraq the Model isn’t the only one who thinks the Karbala attack, which killed Army CPT Brian Freeman and abducted four others who were later murdered, was an Iranian operation. Freelance embed Bill Roggio lines up and knocks over the dominoes:

"This raid required specific intelligence, in depth training for the agents to pass as American troops, resources to provide for weapons, vehicles, uniforms, identification, radios and other items needed to successfully carry out the mission."

Jimbo at Black Five agrees: "The location of the target, the sophistication of the operation, the lack of beheading, all point to a precision raid by highly-trained regular military forces. Iran did this."

So, are we finally going to strike back at the principal supporters of terrorism in the world or are we going to continue to play pattycake with the toothless dictator’s club of the UN? If Bush doesn’t mind thumbing his nose at the anti-war Democrat Congress over Iraq, surely he won’t quail at finally doing what he should have done back in 2003–hitting Iran and its crony-in-evil Syria?

Polished tanks

Blogger and freelance embed journalist Bill Ardolino finds that some pay, body armor and weapon shortages in the new Iraqi army are due to corruption among senior commanders, affecting day-to-day operations and the lives of everyone below them:

"Perhaps half of the Iraqi Army in Fallujah, primarily the ‘Jundi’ soldiers at the bottom of the pay scale, haven’t been paid in months. As a result, 160 soldiers in the Iraqi Third Battalion recently walked off the job because of missed salaries. The supposed number of soldiers in the battalion was about 700, yet the loss of 160 reduced the unit’s real strength by half. Fuel and equipment shortages greatly influenced by corruption also hamper operations."

Corruption among generals and colonels was believed to be common in the defunct South Vietnamese army, as well, where the commander’s traditional waxed jeep often extended to polished tanks and personnel carriers. Lots of gold-plating, in other words, indicating units organized for something other than fighting. Hopefully the Iraqis can stop it before it worsens.

The view from Iraq

My late mother avoided television news most of her life, but in her last years found herself watching the local version now and again. Their devotion to the police blotter (because it’s cheap and easily available) left her convinced there was a major crime wave in her town. There wasn’t. Likewise, according to Iraqi embed and freelance journalist Bill Roggio, the troops contend that Americans and others get a distorted view:

"American troops watch the news and follow the debate in real time. They will tell you the war they see on television isn’t the war they are fighting. To the troops, the war as portrayed on television is oversimplified and digested into sound bites. The soldiers are portrayed as victims and the violence is grossly exaggerated."

Worth a read