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Zimmerman will walk, though a lot poorer

I don’t entirely agree with Bernie that the Zimmerman case shows that blacks are more racist than whites. More likely the blacks who are so inclined know they can show their bigotry without consequences whereas white bigots know better by now.

I prefer the analysis that the criminal case against George Zimmerman was a political setup from the get-go to increase black outrage and therefore their turnout in the 2012 presidential. It’s why Wormtongue did what few president have ever done, inserted himself into the case with his blather about Trayvon.

The prosecution’s case is so weak, it’s obvious Z. will be acquitted (albeit much poorer from all the legal fees he now owes) and then the usual black (and white) bigots can scream and yell and jump up and down on CNN and the other alphabets and the NYTimes and WaPo can wax indignant. So what else is new?

And if the black lower class decides to riot, they’ll do it in their own blighted neighborhoods, as they always do, because they don’t have the guts to take on white people who tend to be, ahem, armed to the teeth. Only the white (mostly Asian and Jewish) folks who have businesses in the ghetto will be harmed and some of them have licenses to carry and will fight back.

None of which seems to bother Wormtongue in the least. Cretin.

UPDATE:  Only one “swirlbaby” gets a pass from the snooze media which keeps referring to Wormtongue as African-American, though he is half white. Zimmerman has the opposite problem. They pin him to the white board, ignoring his half Hispanic background (and a black grandmother). Ain’t convenient for their racist narrative, you see. Got to keep the all blacks outraged or they might stray from the Democrat plantation.