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Rule 5: Topless beaches


An anonymouse to warm us up on this frigid New Year’s Eve in CenTex land, courtesy of Planck’s Constant way back in 2008. More at the link. Racier, too.

My Sharia Amour

Just a little late to the party, but I really like these Mark Steyn parody lyrics to the old George Benson wheezer.

My Sharia Amour, pretty little girl in your chador.

One of only four that I beat sore. How I wish that I had five.

My Sharia Amour, I got her from an imam in Lahore

In her burqa, this chick could take away your breath

But don’t even glance, or I’ll have to have her stoned to death

Allah-la-la-la-la, Allah-la-la-la-la

I’m like Bernie, I guess, just can’t get enough of mocking the goat lovers. (Altho he goes a lot farther, calling them camel humpers and dune-coons.) Seems fair since we’re going to have to be putting up with their religious war for another century or so—while our feckless pols try to explain it away as “a religion of peace.”

Say what you will about religious violence in general, Islam is the only one that specifically requires husbands to beat their wives.

But I’m sure mockery is  a lot easier when you’re not living in their direct line of fire.

Obozo’s Bingoism

This is for those of you who can still stand to watch/listen to one of our Moron-in-Chief’s interminable boilerplate speeches. Instructions for its use as a game card are found here. Good luck. You have a stronger stomach than I do, Gunga Din.

Via Planck’s Constant

UPDATE:  Always worth remembering, as Instapundit periodically does, that the M-i-C  “joked” in 2009 about having the IRS audit his enemies.

Rule 5: Alizee’s butt

Bernie at Planck’s Constant has updated this hits magnet of mine in the comments there with a link to the original (above) before it was photoshopped to be quite a bit more daring. I actually like this pre-photoshop better, though it is not the best pix of the French pop singer’s fetching face. I like to use my imagination.

The misfortune of Ebonic names

Bernie, at Planck’s Constant, points to a Harvard study showing that people with Ebonic names like Tabiqwa, or Bershawn are much less likely to be hired than those with standard English names. Fortunately, Bernie quotes from the key parts of the study because Harvard seems to have taken down the link.

No surprise either way, of course. Harvard’s nothing if not PC and who wants an employee whose name you can’t pronounce, much less spell? If you are a business person who is, nevertheless, tempted to hire someone with an Ebonic name because, as fate would have it. they are otherwise outstanding, you should at least avoid names with double meanings.

Such as my all-time personal favorite: Latrina.

Or Pajamas (pronounced paj-a-mas), both of which are real names of real (well, semi-real) people. The second one came from a single (what else?) semi-illiterate mom in Mississippi who reputedly went name shopping in a  Sears catalog. I’m not sure where Latrina came from, other than ignorance.

Bernie thinks Trayvon got his young black ass blown up because his Ghetto Fabulous moniker gave him a bad attitude that proved suicidal. Could be. Who’d want to be called Trayvon, even on a good day? Although it’s certainly better than sharing the name of a toilet.

UPDATE:  Wonder how much of this (black teen unemployment hits 41 percent) is caused by that? They sure got a deal in Wormtongue, didn’t they?

If Trayvon Were my Child I would be Happy He was Dead

The headline is Bernie’s but the sentiment, covert as I’m sure it is, must resonate with millions.

“I certainly would have personally thanked George Zimmerman for saving me and my wife decades of personal anguish and pain this evil child would have inflicted on us…My no-good son Trayvon dead? Thank you, Lord!”

Afterall, who wants a thug for a son? Not even Wormtongue I’d bet.

As for the much to-do about not very much, as Instapundit says: “This was never about Zimmerman or Martin. It was about firing up Obama’s black vote, and keeping his guilty-white-liberal supporters from abandoning him over his many broken campaign promises…Our political class has no sense of responsibility or shame.”

UPDATE:  Speaking out the right side of his mouth, Wormtongue said publicly that we are nation of laws and the jury has spoken. Then, out the left side (his usual side), he whispered to his disgraced attorney general to have the feds get Zimmerman on a civil rights conviction. The show trial must go on until the polls close in 2014.

Rule 5: Mahsa Tehrani

Ms Tehrani is an Iranian model. I’m not sure, but I think that like most of them she probably lives and works outside the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Via Planck’s Constant