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Capitalism can even fix federal stupidity

I haven’t tried to pour gasoline from a gas can since the days when I still owned a sailboat with an outboard hanging off the transom. So I’d forgotten what the feds did to the gas can, in their usual bureaucratic stupidity, though I hear the ventless gas can actually was first developed in California. Oh, of course.

Nevertheless, there’s hope for the new non-illuminating light bulbs, not-very-flushable toilets, discoloring paint, too-soon-broken refrigerators, and the other junk Barry’s new socialist bureaucracy has, or plans to, foist on us.

Because this clever entrepreneur fixed the ventless gas can. Yep. It does require a new part and something else to fiddle with, but it’s only $1.65 at Amazon. So there’s obviously hope for America. Thanks to capitalism, King Pinocchio, capitalism.

Via Instapundit.

And let’s not forget capitalism’s share in Canadian Chris Hadfield’s brilliant music video from the ISS, updating David Bowie’s old song Space Oddity (“Ground control to Major Tom”), with a few alterations to the lyrics. It deftly relieves the Space Age of the boredom government control has brought it (minus the inevitable tragedies) ever since Russian Yuri Gagarin’s first solo.