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Still fleeing Iran

Snoopy the Goon links to our piece on Zahra Kamalfar, the Iranian woman, and her two children who Pajamas Media and others say is living in the Moscow airport, unable to find asylum while trying to avoid deportation back to Iran where she says she was jailed for protesting the government. Iranian officials, unsurprisingly, have not confirmed her story.

Snoop did a Web search on her and found contradictory info, including that the MSM had, up to that point, ignored the story. He seemed to find that meaningful (although he noted that European MSM has good reason not to anger the Russians who supply their natural gas for heating), and perhaps it is, but I found the Pajamas reporting impressive enough.

Pajamas, meanwhile, has linked to a CNN report from Moscow on the saga, which provides at least some extra verification that they are there–although Pajamas had done a pretty good job of that already. In any case, for the MSM version, go to the CNN report at Pajamas.

UPDATE  Snoop, who reads Russian, has now found a Russian news outlet also confirming the family’s plight, so he’s now convinced. 

Liberal media? Uh uh

Roger L. Simon is getting wound up about CNN, but he makes a good point the MSM detractors often overlook.

"Of course, Blitzer is only a typical representative of his class. Nothing special or exceptional in any way, except for his success and longevity. Now some people call this class the ‘liberal media.’ I reject that idea and terminology entirely. There is nothing liberal about them at all. They are a rich, privileged class much like the bourgeoisie in a Bunuel movie (or Moliere, of course). What is ‘liberal’ is only a talking point to preserve their perquisites. Perhaps these values were there at some point, but that was decades ago in another universe. Now the real issues are good tailoring and homes in the country. Nothing should disturb that."

UPDATE  On the other hand, as Mark Halprin, political director of ABC News, tells Hugh Hewitt, there is no question of liberal political bias in the news media.

HH: …the media hates the military, has a deep suspicion of it. Do you agree with that?

MH: I totally agree. It’s one of the huge biases, along with gays, guns, abortion, and many other things….

MH: First of all, I never say MSM, because I don’t believe the old media is mainstream. They’re out of the mainstream on most of the issues I’ve been referring to. So I don’t use that phrase. I believe that as I’ve said several times, happy to say again, that anyone who’s conservative in this country has every justification to be skeptical about anything, an internal memo, or product that goes on the air, from the old media, because of a forty year or more history of liberal bias on a range of issues. And after what CBS News did in 2004, regarding the President’s National Guard record, I would be…I am thankful that any conservative looks to us ever for news and information, given how outrageous what they did was.

Transcript here worth reading. Via Powerline.