Still fleeing Iran

Snoopy the Goon links to our piece on Zahra Kamalfar, the Iranian woman, and her two children who Pajamas Media and others say is living in the Moscow airport, unable to find asylum while trying to avoid deportation back to Iran where she says she was jailed for protesting the government. Iranian officials, unsurprisingly, have not confirmed her story.

Snoop did a Web search on her and found contradictory info, including that the MSM had, up to that point, ignored the story. He seemed to find that meaningful (although he noted that European MSM has good reason not to anger the Russians who supply their natural gas for heating), and perhaps it is, but I found the Pajamas reporting impressive enough.

Pajamas, meanwhile, has linked to a CNN report from Moscow on the saga, which provides at least some extra verification that they are there–although Pajamas had done a pretty good job of that already. In any case, for the MSM version, go to the CNN report at Pajamas.

UPDATE  Snoop, who reads Russian, has now found a Russian news outlet also confirming the family’s plight, so he’s now convinced. 

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