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Cooling out the mark

If you vote for Barry, then you are the mark that’s been cooled out, sucker.

“From the time it took office, the Obama administration has sought to suppress the very concept of a ‘war on terror’ or the terrorists’ war on us.

“The painful farce of calling the Fort Hood murders ‘workplace violence,’ instead of a terrorist attack in our midst, shows how far the Obama administration would go to downplay the dangers of Islamic extremist terrorism.

“The killing of Osama bin Laden fed the pretense that the terrorism threat had been beaten. But the terrorists’ attack in Libya exposed that fraud — and required another fraud to try to “cool out” the voters until after election day.”

And when it comes to perpetrating fraud, Barry’s your man.

Via a commenter at Neo-Neocon, which also has a good Fox News special report on Benghazi video. While the rest of Barry’s court media joins in “cooling the mark,” Fox is on the case.

UPDATE:  So is the Drudge Report, the sometimes shrill but always influential news source that, if you remember that far back as some of us do, broke the Slick Willie-Monica scandal open when Newsweak was sitting on it.

MORE: Iowahawk proves (once again) that mockery is the best medicine.