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A full Lake Travis


It probably won’t last at this height of slightly more than 681 feet above mean sea level, not if La Nina kicks in and we get another dry, scorching summer. But it’s certainly an improvement over last summer’s view of this then-dry upper end of Cypress Creek Arm.

More Lake Travis drought

Debilitating-drought-to-continue-in-South-O1RJ8LA-x-largeThe upper end of Cypress Creek Arm, at Anderson Mill Marina on Lake Travis, is a boat-and-float-filled pasture.

Choice sail

The outboard is still giving me trouble, but the breeze was 5 to 10 mph this morning so I couldn’t resist. Perfect light-air ghosting back and forth across Cypress Creek Arm on Lake Travis. Quiet out there with just one or two motorboats in the distance. The water-skiing kids are back in school, of course. I spent a happy ninety minutes on the stick (sailor-speak for tiller). Then, shortly before noon, the breeze quit. Outboard brought me back, then conked out on the approach to the slip, but the Catalina 22 had enough forward momentum to continue on in. Puffy cumulonimbus clouds were rolling over, per the forecast afternoon storms, but I got all the sails covered and went home before any rain fell.