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Drought returns


Moderate to severe drought has the Austin area in its grip once again, with just three quarters of an inch of rain since Oct. 1. Relax, it’s not AGW. Drought is our normal condition.

A full Lake Travis


It probably won’t last at this height of slightly more than 681 feet above mean sea level, not if La Nina kicks in and we get another dry, scorching summer. But it’s certainly an improvement over last summer’s view of this then-dry upper end of Cypress Creek Arm.

Dandy rain

Radio says we’ve had almost three inches since it began with the passage of a cold front overnight. Indeed, Mr. B. and I saw it running in the neighborhood gutters and ponding in the yards as I drove him to school this morning. Forecast shows more to come. We sure need it, and it’ll lower the temp nicely on this, the first day of fall. Was starting to get hot again.

Big rain

Finally departing west on the radar after coming in from the east about half an hour ago. Ponding all over the Back Forty, and out front. Really poured. Looks like at least an inch. Good show. We needed that.

Lake Travis: The Sometimes Islands



Years ago, one of the daily’s photographers (I hesitate to guess which one) took a couch out to one of the Islands, propped an Elvis-on-velvet on it and immortalized the droughty geography. This photo is from June. Probably worse now, since there’s been no rain to speak of. But there will be. With El Nino returning, the lake will be rising by winter. Probably higher than people want by then.

Rain at last

Just a light drizzle. Not enough to even nudge the drought. But it should take some of the ash juniper pollen out of the air–which will help diminish my "cedar fever" allergy.

Has the drought returned?

Daytime highs are running 3.2 to 9.2 degrees above normal, the summer’s unusual rain has stopped, and it all looks to continue hot and dry for at least another week. So says LCRA meteorologist Bob Rose who blames a persistent area of high pressure, which would have been more appropriate in the summer but never materialized for long back then. He also blames a strengthening La Nina, which usually means a dry fall and winter for us. More here. It’s not a permalink. LCRA doesn’t seem to believe in them. But it should stay good through the weekend.