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Still light at 8 pm

Gotta like Daylight Savings Time, though it would be better if we didn’t switch back in the fall. Heard a rumor that that’s winding its way through Congress. About time they did something for us rather than to us.

The great thing about daylight savings time

The great thing about daylight savings time, which switched over Sunday morning, is that the digital clock in my Honda CRV, which I never reset an hour ahead back in the spring because I can never remember how to do it, is now correct. Whoo-hoo.

Other than that, tell me again why we need daylight savings time? Unlike Dr. Helen, I don’t hate it. I just find it annoying. Fall back is easy, but spring ahead is a real pain. And I have better things to do than learn how to reset the car clock. It’s easier just to remember it’s an hour behind. Until it isn’t. Again.

Roosevelt Time

We go back on Roosevelt Time (my Corsicana grandfather’s term for Daylight Savings Time) on Sunday, an artifact of World War II that’s never been rescinded, proving that what the bureaucracy giveth it hardly ever taketh away.

And, lo and behold, DST might even be bad for your health, as it is statistically related to increased heart attacks, male suicides and traffic accidents. Not that the feds would care. (Health care reform, for instance, is for the bureaucracy and the lobbyists, not the patients). The spring forward doesn’t bother me. It’s the fall back that’s a killer. The spring forward is semi-painful. The whole thing is a waste of time, like so many other government regulations. But, in this case, a literal waste of time.

End Daylight Staggering Time

Gad, how I wish our politicians had the sense to end this Daylight Savings Time fiasco. We’re getting up in the dark now to get Mr. B. off to school, in exchange for the illusion that he has more time to play outside in the evening. Spring ahead. The reality of that awful phrase leaves you staggering for a week. And for what? To save utility bills? Ha.

Fall ahead, spring back

First time I’ve missed the switch to Daylight Savings Time in some time. I just noticed the kitchen clock was an hour ahead of my wristwatch. Asked. Found out. Oops. Fixed the watch. My grandfather called it "Roosevelt Time" because FDR imposed it during World War II. But it had actually been first imposed by the government in the summer of 1918, during World War I.

Roosevelt time


Some places are spared tomorrow’s setting back of clocks one hour, according to Wikipedia, because they don’t do the daylight savings trick. Next year daylight savings time, which my grandfather derisively called "Roosevelt time" for its originator in America, FDR, will start earlier and end later. Happy extra hour of sleep.