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Feds: Dimocrat Hiring Hall

“For decades, the federal service has increasingly become a bastion for liberal Democrats. Every study shows that its members are almost uniformly on the left. To give just one example: 95 percent of federal bureaucrats who donated to a candidate in the 2016 presidential election gave to Hillary Clinton.” —Jonathan Tobin in the New York Post.

My dear godmother, who was a lifelong Democrat who worked for the Wilson administration (1913 to 1921), came to my rescue in 1966 when I was struggling to make ends meet in college. She overlooked the fact that my parents were Republicans and I had campaigned for Goldwater.

I’d had a grocery cashier’s job that paid very little and had set out to sell pots and pans door-to-door at which I wasn’t successful. When I mentioned this in a letter to my godmother, in a correspondence between us that began when I was in high school, she wrote back with a phone number for me to call for a federal job. Just give them your name, she said, and be sure to tell the truth.

The fellow who answered the phone at the number asked me if I knew how to drive a 1-ton truck. I wasn’t even sure what that was, but I immediately said yes, not wanting to lose out. He sent me to the Post Office where I drove that 1-ton truck in the evening after classes picking up mail from office buildings in DC and taking it to the main P.O. downtown. It paid well and I might have used it as a springboard to management when I graduated in 1967. But weeks before graduation the Selective Service System (the draft) nailed me for the day after graduation and I went into the Army, instead. By the time I got out, my interests had changed.

There may have been a number for Republicans to call, but I doubt it.

Why Obamacare? Dem jobs

The whither we know. Waxman-the-ferret, et al. But why? Nevermind the contradictary nonsense about how the system is broken but, oh yes, you’ll get to keep your part of it all the same. This fellow, Daniel Hannan, southwest England’s rep in the European Parliament, has the answer, though you have to listen to the whole thing to get to the point. But it’s not painful, except when you imagine our future under Obamacare.

The Brit health care system, Hannan says, employs 1.4 million managers. Making it the third largest organization in the world, after the Red Army and the Indian National Railway. Think of how many more managers our National Health Care system will have, and, like most federal employees, they will be ninety-percent Democrats. Get the point now? Obamacare is a hiring hall for his party.