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Wormtongue investigates himself

Yeah, we can all have confidence in this: A Democrat donor ($7,600) is leading the questioning of witnesses in the feds’ so-called “investigation” into the IRS’s harassment of conservative political groups.

A fact only lately rooted out by Congress, certainly never announced.

History has shown that all politicians, including presidents, are dishonest to a degree, but Wormtongue is in a class unto himself.

In part, because the dominant Democrat news media (but I repeat myself) looks the other way—or is busy eviscerating Republicans like Christie. And in part, I think, because the Worm knows that black men can get away with just about anything in America’s race-conscious, race-sensitive culture—enforced as it is by the same news media.

Although, now and then, retribution may finally catch up with them, as O.J. Simpson found out.