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Dishwasher Saga

In eighteen days we’ve tried to get a new dishwasher installed three times. And counting. The first time the Lowe’s contract installer said he couldn’t do it from the existing cutoff valve because it was broken and he wasn’t authorized to replace cutoff valves.

The second time, the Lowe’s guy fixed the cutoff valve but said he couldn’t install the dishwasher because his company had a rule that dishwashers (on their watch) couldn’t be connected to an electrical outlet. The third time the Lowe’s installer saved us from goofy excuses. He just didn’t show up. His number was busy for an hour.

Then he showed up, an hour late, and a bit grumpy because he’d worked all day. But he got it installed and we ran a load of dishes and cups and utensils through it.

Only potential problem is he connected our aluminum wires to the dishwasher, which surely has copper wiring, and aluminum wire haters say that’s a no-no without insulating connectors, grease-filled by preference. Too late. Though I suppose we could hire a plumber or electrician to do it. But the ones I’ve been dealing with for a decade poo-poo the very idea.