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Dallas nurse infused with Ebola antibodies

Well, that’s my former-medical-writer conclusion after reading this old report about how American ebola survivor Kent Brantley has donated blood to three ebola patients, including Dallas nurse Nina Pham. At the latest report, she is in fair condition in a D.C.-area hospital, presumably part of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, where she is Skyping her folks back home in Fort Worth.

I still don’t understand why they moved her up there when there are no specific treatments for ebola anywhere, it being a virus not a bacterium. Except for the transfusion of Brantley’s antibodies but that could have been done in Texas. Nor why it appears that Emory U. hospital in Atlanta—where infected Dallas nurse Amber Vinson was moved—recently released at least one secret, recovered ebola patient. How many more secret ebola patients are in the U.S.? I suppose President Obola’s no-medical-training, all-politics ebola “czar” will see to it that we won’t find that out until after the election. Politics being his obvious expertise.

Meanwhile at least 43 other quarantined people exposed to Vinson and Pham seem to have been released without any problems, though they did not do the whole recommended quarantine period of 42 days. The closed-for-cleaning Belton schools up the road from the Rancho also have reopened, which is encouraging.

So the Texas scare seems to be over for the present, thankfully, except for the usual scumbags concocting pitiless scams on Texas fears about it for their own pathetic amusement. May they rot in hell.

UPDATE:  And more good news. Dallas will no longer be initially receiving travelers from Ebola-outbreak countries in West Africa. Nor will any other Texas airport. Since Oct. 16, the federal DHS has quietly restricted them to JFK, Dulles, Newark, O’Hare, and Atlanta airports for screening before going elsewhere in the country. On the other hand:

“Can the Transportation Security Administration be reliably trusted to do health checks on inbound passengers from West Africa? The question answers itself. Hence the need for a travel ban.”

MORE: On Oct. 24, both Texas nurses Pham and Vinson were declared recovered, the antibodies infusions apparently doing the trick.

Ebola: Another government screwup

There’s a reason the CDC looks like the Centers for Disease Confusion. It’s because its political masters long ago shifted it away from its primary duty of controlling contagious diseases to things like worrying about how many cigarettes Americans smoke or why lesbians get fat. Similarly the World Health Organization at the Dictator’s Club:

“The United Nations-run WHO has long been a growing irrelevance, as director-general Margaret Chan spent the week not in [Ebola ground-zero] Monrovia but Moscow, pontificating at a WHO conference aimed at raising global tobacco taxes. More disquieting are the failures of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the rest of the American public health establishment, which is supposed to be run by the government’s finest.”

“The government’s finest” has always been an oxymoron that only works in the Democrat media. Every time there’s a crisis (think Katrina or any hurricane), the federal government screws up the recovery. Then the pols promise how they’ll all do better next time and give the perpetrators more money and hire more bureaucrats to make more complexity to insure things will be screwed up next time.

Failure only succeeds when you’re using other people’s money.

Via WSJ and Instapundit.

UPDATE:  “The reality is that we have a nation[al government] of unscrupulous lawyers, amoral apparatchiks and political hacks whose only area of expertise is manipulating the electoral and governmental systems and getting rich by doing so…the government’s adamant refusal so far to ban travel to and from West Africa and its affected nations proves conclusively that Leftists are perfectly willing to have you die for their ideological beliefs.”

MORE: On the other hand, there’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s more believable than most of them. If Wormtongue was any kind of leader, he’d have appointed Fauci ebola czar instead of his political hack buddy Klain.


President Obola’s gift to Texas


Clipboard man

Is he from the Centers for Disease Confusion? Why does everyone else have on a hazmat suit but he’s in shirt and tie? And why does he handle the hazardous waste bag with his bare hands?

And if they’re flying the black nurse from Dallas to the CDC in Atlanta, what about the Asian nurse? Not dark enough for consideration? Or is she already there? Or has she already died? (UPDATE: She’s already there still in Dallas but being moved to Maryland.) Questions, questions. So much for government trust.

And why do we have to go to a British newspaper to read about Clipboard Man?

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Well, there are official excuses being made for Clipboard Man, but I don’t buy them.

MORE:  The first infected nurse, Nina Pham, is still in Dallas, though the CDC now is going to fly her to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. Wonder why she and the other nurse have to go to different hospitals in different states? Me, too. It’s as if the government was trying to spread the disease around.

The Center for Disease Confusion is on the case


Not to worry Dallas. After six years of Obozo and his merry men running the country, you know we’re all in good hands when it comes to Ebola. They’ll have this epidemic licked in no time.

Why, the White House court media already is confident of the outcome.

UPDATE: Second nurse, third Dallas case, got CDC permission before she flew. Isn’t that precious? And notice that all we’re hearing about is her flight from Cleveland to Dallas, not how she got to Cleveland in the first place. I suppose we can rule out a train.

Third Ebola case in Dallas

Another health care worker tests positive. The boyfriend of the second case. (See update below.) More contacts to track down and test.

Nevermind staying out of Dallas. If you’re already there, now might be a good time to leave. Before this wildfire spreads farther.

Via Twitchy.

UPDATE:  Third apparently is not the boyfriend of the first nurse but a second nurse. She apparently was in contact with 132 passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight who are now being asked to contact the CDC. Whoo-hoo.

A second reason to stay out of Dallas

“We knew a second [Ebola] case could be a reality, and we’ve been preparing for this possibility,” Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, said in the statement. “We are broadening our team in Dallas and working with extreme diligence to prevent further spread.

Which, once again, involves finding every person and pet this new victim has been in contact with. Not to mention the Center for Disease Confusion’s blaming her for her infection.

Via FoxNews.