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Clipboard man

Is he from the Centers for Disease Confusion? Why does everyone else have on a hazmat suit but he’s in shirt and tie? And why does he handle the hazardous waste bag with his bare hands?

And if they’re flying the black nurse from Dallas to the CDC in Atlanta, what about the Asian nurse? Not dark enough for consideration? Or is she already there? Or has she already died? (UPDATE: She’s already there still in Dallas but being moved to Maryland.) Questions, questions. So much for government trust.

And why do we have to go to a British newspaper to read about Clipboard Man?

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Well, there are official excuses being made for Clipboard Man, but I don’t buy them.

MORE:  The first infected nurse, Nina Pham, is still in Dallas, though the CDC now is going to fly her to the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. Wonder why she and the other nurse have to go to different hospitals in different states? Me, too. It’s as if the government was trying to spread the disease around.