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The Deep Rig

“The forensic report we prepared found that ‘the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.'”

Via The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House…

Election fraud in Texas

Not that you would have heard much about it unless you read PJMedia and a few other outlets that take investigative journalist James O’Keefe for more than the “provocateur” the NYTimes calls him.

Provocateur means troublemaker. Trouble for the Democrat party.

“The media in Texas have done their dead-level best to ignore both of Project Veritas’ videos as long as they possibly could. When the media here do cover them, they have tended to downplay the videos’ potential significance. The [supposedly non-partisan] Texas Tribune even interviewed a Democrat election lawyer — but not a Republican one — to defend Battleground Texas’ actions seen in the Veritas video. The prevailing media opinion seems to be that, because leftwing outfits have often criticized Project Veritas, every story that it unearths is worthless or worse.”

Well, most of the reporters and editors in those outfits are leftists themselves, educated in leftist journalism mills elsewhere, who only came to Texas for a job. Their interest in the state is minimal. And, instead of competing with each other, most of the time they echo each other.

Instapundit calls them and most of their colleagues elsewhere “Democratic operatives with bylines.”

Via Instapundit.

Election fraud

What, Barry try to steal the election? When Big Media, universities, Hollyweird and the pollsters already are in his bag? Does seem like overkill. But that’s what it appears his former employer ACORN has tried to do. Of course, he will say that the eight-hundred-thousand-plus his campaign gave them to get-out-the-vote wasn’t for illegal porpoises. But that might be a fish story.

Via Instapundit