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In Observance

This year we have the sad duty to observe Memorial Day in remembrance of two generations of American soldiers whose lives were thrown away on distant battlefields by American politicians:  In Viet Nam and Iraq.

As Richard Fernandez explains: “The collapse in the Middle East feels like Black April, 1975, the month South Vietnam fell. And it should, because just as the collapse of Saigon did not happen in Black April, but in a political American decision to allow South Vietnam to fall after a ‘decent interval’, so also is the ongoing collapse rooted, not in the recent tactical mistakes of the White House, but in the grand strategic decision president Obama made when he assumed office…”

Militarily, the good old USA is not what it was and may never be again. Nobody, certainly not in the Middle East, trusts us anymore. Nor should they. Today, only about one half of 1 percent of the American population serves. Soldiers have no political clout whatsoever.

Indeed, joining the micro-managed, all-PC American military today—for any reason other than to repel a direct attack on the homeland—really isn’t advisable. It’s just slow-motion suicide. Deployment, perhaps, to the latest short-lived “commitment.” Some civilian flag-waving back home for a minute or two and then…forgotten.

Via ChicagoBoyz & Belmont Club.

UPDATE:  Kept hearing Happy Memorial Day Weekend, a civilian salutation bespeaking bar-b-ques and whatnot. Memorial Day really is about dead soldiers. So it’s like hearing Happy Dead Soldiers day. Disgusting.