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Furling topsails and t’gallants

Furling_topsails_and_t'gallantsA busy afternoon aboard the Texas tall ship Elissa out of her home port of Galveston.

Sweet Elissa

573px-Elissa-shipAnytime’s the right time for another good snap of the Tall Ship Elissa.



Always time for another photo of the official Tall Ship of Texas, the Elissa, under topsails in the Bolivar Roads off Galveston. Sweet sailin’.

One year after Ike

Galveston is still recovering from Hurricane Ike’s devastation. Which is not so unusual for the island city. It goes through hurricane hits every twenty years or so. But they’re still finding skeletal remains on nearby Bolivar Peninsula, parts of which Ike’s fifteen foot storm surge swept clean.

Help with Humberto

The Austin-Travis County EMS and the Texas Army National Guard left this afternoon for the coast to help anyone hurt by TS Humberto.

"Five rescue medics will be assigned to a boat squad; four rescue medics will be assigned to staff two helicopter squads and will be teamed with military pilots and rescue personnel aboard Texas National Guard Blackhawk helicopters."

Humberto is gathering strength little by little and could go ashore near Galveston sometime tonight. JD, at the Mouth of the Brazos blog, is wondering what, if anything, Brazoria County will get, and musing about a beach house he lost to similar storms. 

Tropical Depression Nine

That low that’s been churning off the Texas coast for several days has now been declared a tropical depression, south-southwest of Galveston and moving north at six mph. Tropical storm warnings have been issued from Port O’Conner, Texas, to Cameron, Louisiana. It’s forecast to be a tropical storm shortly before making landfall on the Texas coast tonight.

UPDATE: Whew. That didn’t long. It’s Tropical Storm Humberto now and it’s cooking and ready to go. An AF recon sent to measure it returned to base with mechanical problems. But another is on the way. It better be. This thing is moving as fast as Allison did six years ago. Hope it doesn’t have as much rain in it. The ground all along there is ripe for flooding as it is already saturated.

Ellis Island of the West

It didn’t last long, only from 1907 through 1914, and only ten thousand passed through. But for a time, Galveston was the Ellis Island of the West for Jews escaping persecution in Russia. A littleknown piece of Texana worth the read. "Forgotten Gateway," on Galveston’s 75-year history as a port of entry, a new exhibit of the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin, is scheduled to open in February.