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View from the condo at Port A

CondoPortASeems like only yesterday we were enjoying this panorama of the Gulf of Mexico from the condo at Port Aransas. It was, in fact, not quite a month ago. It was much more humid than usual for some reason, and Mr. B. got stung by a jellyfish, so he was less than enthused about the beach part of it. But, there’s always next year. So far. Still thinking of rare reader Snoopy’le, who is recovering from a heart attack. Wishing him well. And his wife and children, too.

Day 83: The Gulf Coast Held Hostage

To a cut-no-slack federal bureaucracy overseen by a feckless president who’d rather golf, have “date nights” and throw White House parties. Whom Big Media has allowed to say nothing about the oil spill since June 22. What, isn’t New Orleans at risk, too? Isn’t that Big Media’s favorite place? Oh, that was just when Bush was president. Yeah. He isn’t now so it’s okay that federal response is stuck on stupid.

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Day 73: The Gulf Coast Held Hostage

It’s easy enough to conclude that our feckless president simply doesn’t care about a bunch of Red States getting crude oil on their beaches, even if one of them is the home of the saintly New Orleans, target of national hand-wringing just a few years ago—back when there was a Republican in the White House and so the national media (and Sean Penn) were wide awake. Ah, but the federal foot-dragging on the Gulf oil-spill is quite amazing. Good thing for Barry most of the legacy media is sound asleep. Snore.

UPDATE:  Even (gasp) CNN is getting fed up with the federal bozos.

Hurricanes a’comin’

By the end of the week, we could have the first one entering the Gulf of Mexico, says Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi. The western Caribbean sure is warm enough. Where will it head after that? Somewhere from northern Florida west around the coast to Tampico.

Unfortunately for the Texas coast, hurricanes spin counterclockwise which might bring some of the oil spill to our beaches, relieving the northern coast beaches that have gotten it so far. Might just disperse it. Or not. We’ll have to wait and see. But JB is calling for three storms to hit the spill.

Another blow for ‘peak oil’

Before it was in North Dakota. Now it’s deep under the Gulf of Mexico. Whether we need it or not is one thing. (Although it would be good not to be so dependent on dictators and absolute monarchs for it.) But the idea that we’re running out of it is pure baloney.

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Port Aransas fever


This time of year, lots of inland Texans are thinking of the coast and the surf and the Gulf breezes. Course the latter come to us when there’s a good low-pressure area off to our west-northwest, sometimes bringing us the only summer rain we get. Anyhow, when we go we stay at the condo. Never have stayed at the little Tarpon Inn, at PortA, with its cavalry-barracks architecture, but lion tamer Clyde Beatty did, and cake-mix magnate Duncan Hines, etc., way back when. FDR caught a tarpon offshore, as many still do, but he slept somewhere else.

Gulf of Mexico deep: strange squid

I’ve always thought of the gulf as fairly shallow when, in fact, it may be up to more than two miles  deep in the southwest off Mexico. This giant squid, apparently of a species family called Magnapinna, with elbow-like tentacles, was videotaped by a Shell Oil company robot vehicle near a drilling site at about a mile and half below the gulf’s surface. Worth a look. A still photo here of the unknown species, taken off Hawaii, shows that they do get around.

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