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The predator must fear his prey


Gun trainer Cooper advocated carrying a Colt 1911 with the .45 ACP cartridge. But smaller prey could do just fine with a smaller hand gun, a .32 or even a .22, equipped with a laser sight. The main thing is to practice your aim regularly at a range. And to stay out of the gun-free zones championed by our idiot-in-chief Barry Hussein and his would-be successor Ma Barker.

Via MyOldRV.

Our toxic society

Hard to imagine, someone murdering an entire kindergarten class. All those five-year-olds gunned down by a nut job. Insane. No wonder Barry teared up. I’ve been doing some of that myself.

Now for the usual old media blather about gun control, as if disarming the folks who didn’t do this would make a difference. Or banning violent video games and the violent movies produced by lefty Hollywood. Ours truly is a toxic culture and it’s only getting more so. Where would you begin?

Meanwhile, of course, there’ll be no serious conversation at all about arming a few teachers or staff in every school. Or reopening mental institutions. At least they could take down those stupid, stupid signs at the entrance about how “this campus is a gun-free zone.” It’s a pure invitation to mass murder.

Uncertainty is the only way to prevent this sort of thing. Make the gunman think twice that someone might kill him before he can murder. It’s always a male, isn’t it? When was the last time it was a woman? As if that mattered.