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Shrillary: still lying about the “settlements”

Our secretary of, ahem,  state compares the Palestinian “culture of hate” with Israeli settlements in Samaria and Judea, as though the two were comparable. She also continues to call  the East Jerusalem apartment buildings in a Jewish neighborhood near the Knesset “settlements.”

Which she knows they are not. All, apparently, to back up her obfuscating, prevaricating boss who is still trying to get the anti-Jewish Iranian mullahs to talk to him. Give it a rest, Shrillary. You make Biden look smart.

The Clinton News Network

The unacknowledged anti-war activist who just happened to show up at CNN’s Dem "debate":

"Activists have just as much right to ask questions as anyone else. It’s just that when their activist backgrounds are known but not disclosed, the false impression is created that they might as well be ordinary Americans selected at random. Why, they’re just plain folks like you sitting at home!"

Everyone’s wicked stepmother

It never occurred to me to believe the MSM notion that Hillarity could be elected president. Nominated? Sure, but not elected. Seems she’s out there busy proving it already:

"…people began to giggle. At Mrs. Clinton, a woman who has never inspired much mirth. Suddenly they were remembering the different accents she has spoken with when in different parts of the country, and the weird laugh she has used on talk shows. A few days ago new poll numbers came out–neck and neck with Barack Obama in Iowa, her lead slipping in New Hampshire. There is a sense that Sen. Obama is rising, a sense for the first time in this election cycle that Mrs. Clinton just may be in a fight, a real one, one she could actually lose."

Well, now, be that as it may. If you want to see another presidential candidate go down in flames, nominate Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama. The Dems are hopeless for 2008. Not that I’m troubled…

Rudy or Fred?

The Seablogger foresees an enemy strike propelling the Reps into the White House in ’08, putting paid to Hillarity and Obamarama, and their party of appeasement. I do agree. The only question in my mind is who will the new prez be: Rudy or Fred?

Hey, no kidding


A remark, said a Hillarity mouthpiece, which was "outrageous and dangerous." Dangerous? Sure, just ask Vince Foster. Oh, wait.