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Glaciers advancing, not retreating

The carbon dioxide cult takes another hit in the mouth. Oh, the humanity!

Reprieve for those Himalayan glaciers

Hundreds of feet thick ice in the Himalayas has been under threat of melting for two years now from, what else, global warming. Now the United Nations is riding to the rescue. Their agency for “climate change” is, uh, reconsidering.

Seems they had zero proof after all. Just an old New Scientist clipping they liked. So they made it the centerpiece of their alleged “latest research” report in 2007. Now they’ve been caught out. Oops. Al Gore, call your publicist!

UPDATE:  Why the mistake? A number of reasons, including a typo: “…predicted date for shrinkage of the world total from 500,000 to 100,000 km2 is 2350, not 2035.” More here. Hee.