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White House attacks science

It’s the wrong kind of science, see, the kind that contradicts Wormtongue and his cronies and makes them look downright dumb:

“Evidently, if there is one thing the Obama Administration dislikes more than conservatives pointing out the numerous weaknesses in the case for catastrophic global warming it is a Democrat doing the same thing…

“Combining this with Secretary of State Kerry’s recent factually incorrect statements about global warming, it seems the Obama Administration both seeks to unfairly suppress dissenting views and is increasingly anti-science.”

Has to be to back up the boss. Who said, we must not forget, in his SOTU that AGW “is a fact.” Like this congenital liar would know fact from fancy.

Even his AGW acolytes are getting desperate. Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground jumped the shark when he turned to the Voice of Russia to back up his claim that this deadly winter is the spawn of C02 rather than natural variability.

It really could be, as has been said before by others, that everything Wormtongue touches turns to poop.

Via Meteorological Musings & Watts Up With That.

UPDATE: Some are beginning to wonder if global warming science really is science: “Real science does not fear those who challenge it, does not work to have challengers’ articles banned from science journals, and does not compare skeptics to Holocaust deniers or, as Mr. Kerry did in Jakarta, members of the ‘Flat Earth Society.'”

Rural rebellion

In, of all places, Democrat-liberal-socialist California:

“….government regulators are pursuing controversial policies – i.e., diverting water from farms to save a bait fish, the Delta smelt, clamping down on carbon dioxide emissions to address global warming even if it means driving food processors out of the Central Valley, demolishing dams to increase a population of fish that isn’t endangered – without caring about the costs to rural residents.”

Tired of federal-enforcement of global warming yet? It’s only just begun.

It’s wetter than normal in Texas

Yep. As you see here in this graphic posted by Weather Bell meteorologist Joe Bastardi, in response to Obamalot’s verbal whacking of Gov. Perry for daring to criticizing AGW while dry brush here burns up homes and lives.

I can forgive Obamalot this once. He certainly doesn’t know that drought is our normal condition, Bastardi’s nice graphic here notwithstanding. On the other hand it’s nice to see we’ve been getting so much rain. Heh.

More Texas drought ahead

Drought is normal in Texas, but this certainly is overdoing it. Especially with the fires—though it should be said they are more a matter of modern population density than anything else. Some people are comparing it all to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

More accurately, if less commonly known, it’s an analog of the terrible Texas drought of the 1950s—long before the greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change was a money-making gleam in Al Gore’s cynical eye. Which means it will continue for a while, at least through this winter.

Record low Arctic sea ice? Not

As usual, the Gorebot and the other warmingistas are claiming that Arctic ice is melting at a record pace. The coasts will soon be inundated by the rising oceans. They told you so. Except that it’s pure B.S.

“The lowest amount of ice was no where close to 2007 this year as one can see at this link http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.anomaly.arctic.png,” says anti-warmingista meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weather Bell. “It is low, but over the coming decades it will come back….to demonstrate the balance I feel is simply being attained….”

Bastardi’s meteorologist colleague at WB, Joe D’Aleo (AKA Dr. Dewpoint) adds this:

“I want you to see that the changes are real but that they tie with natural factors. Man has an effect on the climate primarily locally through land use changes and urbanization and through our emissions of primarily aerosols but… natural factors still dominate as shown by the extremes of recent years.”

As always, however, the warmists also will blame AGW for this week’s unusually early cold snap in the Northern Plains, since they claim that all weather extremes prove their greenhouse/global warming/climate change theory. How convenient. The proof against that is its own logical absurdity.

Meanwhile, the Gorebot (who, fascistically, calls AGW skeptics like Bastardi, D’Aleo [and me] “racists”) will choose his own “reality” today, raising money via ten dollar donations to keep his Lear jet and his Tennessee mansion polluting the atmosphere he claims to be so concerned about—while others hand him the mockery he deserves.

Global warming

“Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.” — Ninad D. Sheth

Via Soylent Green

Snowfall: Rare or abundant?

The warmist cult wants to have it both ways.

From the Independent, March 20th, 2000:

“According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, within a few years winter snowfall will become ‘a very rare and exciting event.'”
Meanwhile, almost a decade later…

“….for the second year in a row, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales [and most of the Midwest and East Coast U.S.] is covered with snow. Meanwhile, AGW proponents like the Guardian’s George Monbiot are furiously spinning to make it look like AGW causes more snow, rather than less.”
Weather, as they say, is what causes global warming. And short memories and gullibility.

Via Instapundit.