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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

No, she’s not here, folks, but since I’m getting so many hits for the above string of search terms (apparently because Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock lives in Texas, at least part of the time) I thought the least I could do was provide something. I’m still wondering why Bullock, who seems relative sensible, would marry somebody named Jesse James in the first place. But that’s Hollyweird.

Hollyweird’s awards

The movies were depressing, with their usual nihilism. No wonder fewer watch the Oscars every year, and ticket buyers dwindle–though, in truth, you wouldn’t know it from all the attention the blogosphere gave and gave and gave the show. But movies are supposed to touch the heart, not merely the political affiliation. I’m filing this one under obituaries because these lefty varmints are killing themselves. Not that I care, mind you.

UPDATE:  Lowest viewership in history. Still, thirty-two million means the bottom hasn’t been reached yet.  

Early Veterans Day gift

Hollywood’s latest crop of anti-American war flicks are tanking at the box office, which AFP blames on war weariness, but the comments beneath the piece at Breitbart.com tell a different story which most veterans will appreciate this Veterans Day weekend: Hollyweird finally, deservedly, is a victim of itself.