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“Hellstorm” Jimena

It’s the surge that will get the tourist beaches and fishing villages in Baja California, since the near-Category Five hurricane will lose some of its now-155 mph winds by the time it comes ashore tomorrow.

But, as the meteorologists say, a hurricane is not a point, and Baja is already getting plenty of wind, rain and waves. Meanwhile, we wait to see if we’ll get any of Jimena’s endgame, i.e. good rain. Benefiting from someone else’s tragedy, as usual with these things. Accuweather is still calling for thunderstorms for us, but has pushed them out to Saturday night now. Jim Spencer at KXAN sees a better chance Friday night than Saturday.

Rain expected

It’s not on the local or national forecasts yet, but Accuweather’s Joe Bastardi is predicting moisture coming into Texas this week from Jimena, the major hurricane (sustained winds of 145 mph!) the NHC is predicting to whack Baja California tomorrow night:

"The low level center may never fully come up, and peel away, but abundant mid and upper level moisture should come a calling."

Thanks, Joe, we’ll take it! This sort of thing has happened before, but it’s been a while.

UPDATE: By late Monday, Joe is still sticking to his forecast for us, but it’s not explained. Meanwhile, Accuweather’s Frank Strait sort of disagrees, saying we have only a slight chance of some storms by Friday. Deep South Texas he notes is already getting storms from Jimena, but, as for us in Central Texas, we’ll just have to wait and see.