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Baghdad dying. Again.

It’s an old rule. American soliders win a war. American politicians lose it. It’s a wonder anyone serves.

The Lioness Program


I’m a little late to the program here, this program anyhow. But it’s worth noting, and, as we see above it’s not just a Marines deal, but an Army one as well. I knew we had women fighter and gunship pilots, and women medics and armed women at security checkpoints. But I was floored by Michael Yon’s latest report showing an apparent woman rifleman on a Brit patrol in Afghanistan. I figured it was new. El Coqui, a commenter at Black Five, set me straight. The Brit woman was a Royal MP, along to search women suspects. EC pointed me to the Lioness program. Now we know.



South Vietnam is what this map reminds me of. Think of the red places as NVA-controlled Indian Country. Places where our forces didn’t/don’t go for very long. S. Warzistan on the left bottom is where that Predator’s Hellfire missiles killed all those Talibani at the funeral the other day. Eighty-something. I expected to be reading of Lefty outrage about that by now. The fact I didn’t sorta figures, though.This is Barry’s campaign now. He campaigned for it. His Leftist pals wanted it. Now they’ve got it. Lotsa luck. They’re sure going to need it.

I think they’re all going to be very sorry before The One’s first term is over. Iraq was/is the Left’s hated campaign, but it’s the one that made the most sense to me. Nevermind the WMDs and all that baloney. The point in going in there was/is that it’s in the middle of the Jihadi swamp that needs to be drained. I also believe that whatever success we’ve had there had more to do with the recent Iranian uprising than anything Barry said in Cairo or anywhere else. (He’s too longwinded, too on-the-one-hand, on-the-other-hand, to inspire anybody.) So let’s see what he’s going to do with Afghanistan. Wallow in the quagmire, I expect. Although that Predator strike on a funeral, of all things, was a good start. Wish we’d had more UAVs in South Vietnam. Apaches are nice, too.

Memorable gun barrel art

Reading an article in the April issue of the print edition of Army Magazine, I came across a double-page (double-truck as we say in the newspaper business) photograph of six M1 Abrams tanks. They belonged to the Third Infantry Division and were in line at an assembly area in Kuwait hours before they rolled into Iraq on March 20, 2003.

I had to use a magnifying glass to read what was stenciled on the barrels of their main guns. It was probably reported at the time but it’s news to me six years later. Usually, as in Vietnam, for instance, such barrel art is crude or rude. These were different. American Airlines Flight 11 was the wording on the barrel in the photo’s foreground. The other Sept. 11 airliners were commemorated on the rest.

Those Iraq elections

We didn’t hear much about the Iraq elections. A few purple-finger photos, but that’s all. Why? Too quiet. Besides, making a big deal about it would only make W. look good and Big Media would never do that. But the Marine, MG John Kelley, who until recently ran Al Anbar province notes that, for its people, this was the first free election of their lives.

MORE:  On the other hand, there’s an outside chance it could all unravel again.

Iraq safer than Mexico

It’s official, size ten flying shoes to the contrary notwithstanding:

"The police are generally helpless, hundreds of thousands of middle-class Mexicans have fled the border region, often to the United States (if they had dual-citizenship, which many do). Those without money must hunker down and wait for someone to win this war."

We could put the gangsters out of business and stop it all, if Barry had the nerve to end the failed drug war.

Almost, but not quite, in Iraq

One more very good reason not to vote for Baby Barry. He’d just throw it all away:

"The Iraqis aren’t yet confident enough to stand entirely on their own; al Qaeda’s savagery still imposes too much fear, while Iran is training terrorists next door. In counterinsurgency, the people must know they are protected. Gen. Petraeus has proven that intimidation can be defeated by placing American soldiers among the population."

Worth the read, from fav author Bing West.