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Barry’s sort of, half-hearted surge

I’ve said it before, if we’re going to dither, we should leave Afghanistan immediately. The government is more corrupt than the one in Iraq (and that’s saying something) and the Afghans don’t seem to want to fight. (Reminds me of South Vietnam.) We can always go back if we have to, or leave a few spec-ops behind to direct any necessary smart-bombings.

But Barry’s new half-in, half-out strategy is pathetic. Especially his setting of a timetable for departure, which will only serve to put the Taliban and Al Q on notice that they can do all the free-killing of American troops they desire in the meantime. President Pantywaist has done the next worst thing to failing to decide at all. "America – we are passing through a time of great trial." No kidding. Will the last soldier out of the GWOT please close the door? Meanwhile, keep your heads down out there.

UPDATE:  Military analyst Ralph Peters agrees: "Our president is setting up our military to fail." Yep and, meanwhile, sending the enemy more American targets to shoot at.

Memorable gun barrel art

Reading an article in the April issue of the print edition of Army Magazine, I came across a double-page (double-truck as we say in the newspaper business) photograph of six M1 Abrams tanks. They belonged to the Third Infantry Division and were in line at an assembly area in Kuwait hours before they rolled into Iraq on March 20, 2003.

I had to use a magnifying glass to read what was stenciled on the barrels of their main guns. It was probably reported at the time but it’s news to me six years later. Usually, as in Vietnam, for instance, such barrel art is crude or rude. These were different. American Airlines Flight 11 was the wording on the barrel in the photo’s foreground. The other Sept. 11 airliners were commemorated on the rest.

One war

As the Town Hall dot com ad puts it, When was the last time you saw a top American general interviewed at length by the MSM? Hugh Hewitt interviews Gen. John Abizaid, of Central Command, who brings us up to date. The transcript is here.

"HH: Is it all one war, General? Afghanistan, Iran, the Hezbollah-Israeli battle?

"JA: Well, from where I sit, it’s all connected. And whether it’s one war or not can be debated from a political perspective. But from a military perspective, as I look at it, the…all of the lines lead back to one or two sources. They either lead back to Sunni-sponsored extremism, or to Shiia-sponsored Iranian extremism. And sometimes, on occasional points in the battlefield, they even cooperate with one another. So it’s certainly connected. No doubt in my mind."