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Loesch vs Tapper

Had to laugh at NRA’s Dana Loesch’s smackdown of CNN butt boy Jake Tapper over something called the Cronkite Award (That’s the way it was, folks) which has to be an ambivalent title if there ever was one.

Don’t mess with the Loesch, Jake, or it’s China Town all over again.

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ABC’s Jake Tapper defends Fox News

I remember liking Tapper when he wrote for Salon. In fact, he was the only thing I liked about the lefty Salon.

Tapper taps out

Some journalist. Mr. T. finds the army captain who was Obama’s source for his inaccurate statements last night in Austin about the army in Afghanistan. Then, other than merely noting that the captain backs up Barry (why wouldn’t he, he was the source) Tapper doesn’t question his assertions or bother to get a second source to verify them, or even overtly notice that they contradict Obama’s public remarks. Wonder how much ABC pays for lazy work like this. Ace also takes him to task.